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Whiskers " was an event in April and an alternate reality game that sent players throughout various worlds in search of clues to find pieces to a gun that could ultimately destroy Mr. The event was a collaboration between the VRChat developers and many map makers who adjusted their maps to feature clues to Mr Whiskers whereabouts, parts of the gun and changes to the places that he affected. Many maps had buildings destroyed, walls filled with graffiti or locations burned to the ground.

All over the maps Mr Whiskers would leave his signature mark. The event was never fully finished and some of the maps still feature remaining Easter eggs from the event. Whiskers Showdown. Each of these worlds offers a different challenge for players, as they have to pay close attention to details around them.

The Hunters' Hub also holds portals to most of the maps in the series, making it easy to locate the worlds instead of searching them up through the Worlds menu. Although the series has concluded, there is another challenge players can participate in, speed running.

If you want to find out the fastest time of a map, you will need to find the discord link that is hidden at the end of some puzzles. On October 21st the final Mr. Whiskers showdown took place. Evilsin, in a puzzle map against Mr. The Map consisted of a jumping puzzle while players wielded the gun to make platforms. At the end of the jumping puzzle the player would face down Mr. Whiskers as the cat fired a rocket launcher at them while protected behind a shield.

The puzzle would be completed once the player had attacked Mr. Whiskers enough to imprison them in a cat carrier. The final completion times of the night were:. As a reward for her 1st place completion Oblivious was given a statue in the Hunters Hub and The Gun. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Oblivious leads ChipzRoflgator and Arcadum through one of the hunts many challenges on April 19th.

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Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Why Early Access? Early access gives us an opportunity to share what we and our community have built so far, as well as invite new members to help grow the VRChat universe.

So far our journey has gone well with fantastic contributions from our community and our dev team. In fact, a lot of our dev team began as social VR fans, and contributing community members. In the last few months VRChat has matured to a point where we feel ready to share it with a larger group.Huggi Dungeon Series main focus lies deep within the Evergreen roots, their secrecy and mysterious background.

These parts guide you through the horrors, mysterious and unsolved stories of the Evergreens. Just like Halloween, we have a special world in mind for Christmas you guys will love it and will be released on the week of Christmas! Even as the creator, I still teared up, jumped 5 feet in the air due to my own jump scares. Huggi Dungeon Series Team Members. Huggi Dungeon Series. Incredible Atmosphere The series have a great atmosphere when it comes to being alone or together in a group.

Endless Re-playability Even after completing the game. There is still so much more to explore and discover new secrets. Or even to play with new friends! They story it self grows deeper and deeper as you progress through all the parts. About The Series. Huggi Dungeon Series — Christmas Map Just like Halloween, we have a special world in mind for Christmas you guys will love it and will be released on the week of Christmas!

This map is absolutely scary and unnerving. Log In Register.

vrchat horror

Remember Me.With hours, if not days of gameplay! The series is getting more known and bigger! Huggi Dungeon Series, a place of pure horror, hidden secrets and more Every connection is placed on purpose. Every detail is corrected to the bone. There is always a reason why something happens in HDS. If you like horror, then HDS is the right place for you, it contains everything you would seek in a horror environment.

If you haven't played the HDS series, I highly recommend you do so! Start with Part 1, and build your way up to Part 3! You play as yourself, arriving in a somewhat, comfy yet strange lobby. Some classical music on the background. A huge sign entitled: Big Sister's Dungeon. Perhaps, this is a dungeon world? Made by a girl named Big Sister? The atmosphere seems happy, nothing wrong with it.

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Or is it? Want to try it out with Friends? What is going on here? Or are we actually being pulled into something bigger It seems that Big Sister, wasn't the true enemy after all? Big Brother's Hide-Out is finished Alex Evergreen is no more.

Perhaps it is done? Will you and your friends be able restore VRChat? And destroy Alex and Project Rebirth once and for all? Art Portal: Nipuz Click here for Twitter. Part 3 Chapter 1: Click Here!

Part 3 Chapter 2: Click Here!The group at first had no official name or title aside revolving around Roflgator but would later be referred to as the "Gator Crew". They are a group of VRChat friends and roleplayers that come together in near-daily light-RP and improv of a non-serious manner with lobbies hosted by the founder and manager 'Rob' Roflgator. The focus for Rob revolves around his Livestream on Twitch where his perspective resembles that of an improvised live broadcast reality tv-show.

What Roflgator and many other group members find distinct and are proud of is the fact that the lobbies are almost entirely improv and much of whatever is going on depends on whatever creativity and flare individual members bring to the table on any night, giving a chance for individuals to let their personalities shine and even find their own niche and role within the RP.

Too much planning or scripting is heavily frowned upon.

Introduce worlds on VRChat

As such, unless predetermined by Roflgator himself on that particular day or as a part of an ongoing theme, the focus of any night can range from comedic, dramatic, action packed, lore-focused, game-shows to sruvival horror or completely random.

Rules at the entreance to The Golden Gator. These were in effect during Bricktown RP prior to July Don't be thin skinned and don't take all sudden kicks personally, as it will mostly be done to reduce lag.

vrchat horror

Reminder that when joining a Roflgator lobby, it is an RP lobby, and everyone is expected to RP in one way or another. Joining on a friend and just "hanging out" while not contributing anything will make you more likely to get kicked. If you have no intention to at least try to RP or be entertaining when joining, move on. Basically, play along, participate, and you should be fine. Later a rule was agreed to avoid killing off other peoples main characters unless they agreed to it was implemented.

Instead you would get mortally wounded and hospitalized. The group would start off at a fair size and initially include many Team Five members including OturanDrekwizDyrusand others. The locations where the roleplay takes place varies from session to session but usually Roflgator 's most recent self-made maps.

Prior to Aprilwhen he began building his own maps, the location was usually The Great Pug. Roflgator conversing with a strange being during a serious moment. See also: Legends of Roflgator. The average night, where much of the lobby's developments are driven by whatever plot or story Roflgator or other significant lobby participants have going on.

This can range from the typical activity of RP wingmanning, hook ups, breakups, and dating to entire dramatic RP arcs including but not limited to mafia wars, political intrigue, police raids, demonic possessions, ghost hauntings, alien invasions and even full-blown war arcs with varying factions, weapons, character deaths, giant robot fights, ambushes, espionage, sabotage, and other related spectacles.

Roflgator's favorite and specialty RP, dating RP is the most common form of RP taking place in the group when there's no central story arc going on at the time.

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It is regarded as the "foundation" of Roflgator's RP style as it was the common activity he started with back in January Dating RP is when Roflgator probes individuals for their love interests and then promptly sets them up on dates, then hilarity ensues as the date is either constantly interrupted by shenanigans going on in the lobby, the awkward, seemingly forced hook-up leads to surprisingly entertaining dialogue and chemistry, or the date is meant as a way to get back at someone, usually the partner of someone that's on the date.

Though dating RP is what Roflgator partially originated with, from October to present day, dating RP was the mainstay of the lobby. What Roflgator simply refers to as 'Random RP', a nameplates off lobby refers to the occasional game played by lobby goers where every person turns off nameplates the ability to see a player's name and leave to an avatar world to adopt a random avatar and accompanying random personality.

Everyone converges on a new lobby and hilarity and shenanigans ensue as everyone interacts with each other in new, wacky personas as no one knows which one of their friends is playing who.

vrchat horror

The cherry on top is the very end when the lobby leader usually Roflgator ends and orders everyone to turn nameplates back on, where everyone reveals who is who, with many being surprised at the skills for their friends of playing completely different personas.

He would later use the map to conduct a type of Dead By Daylight -style RP where one player is designated the monster, and everyone else fans out across the map - in groups or by themselves - in order to hide and run from the monster. Once the monster catches someone, that person respawns and becomes a monster themselves, and this cycle continues until every person on the map has become a monster after being hunted down by an army of monsters or if time runs out.

The winner is whoever was never caught. Likewise, there's a chance no one wins.

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In August-Septemberas a way of helping prevent burnout, Roflgator adopted a weekly "RP Card Down" night in the lobby in which everyone drops their RP personas and hang out and do non-serious miscellaneous activities instead, ranging from Who's Line Is It Anyway?

RP Card Down night was eventually discontinued due to that also receiving burnout.

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Quirks is a mini-game Roflgator implemented on RP Card Down Nights in the middle of September where participants were split-off into teams and had to act-out an improv scene where a chosen bartender must deal with and figure out the 'quirk' that each guest has before a timer runs out.

New tryouts mean inviting new players from friends of members or viewers from Roflgators Twitch stream who join from chat. They're usually asked a couple of questions and given a scenario and role to "improv", usually made up randomly on the spot by Roflgator. Other roleplayers in the lobby assist with portraying the scenario. In order to be get accepted try to impress by doing your best to immerse yourself in the situation and create a funny situation.That is a really good question.

He is a famous VRChat personality who used to regularly play with many other characters in the game. He participated in a great deal of roleplay and is without a doubt one himself. If you ask him he will probably deny it and call other roleplayers 'nerds'. He is known to start arguments or weird antics related to defending his 'e-peen' or putting himself through a mix of insults aimed at typical gamer issues.

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Sometimes self deprecating but usually aimed at other people. The common topics are poor luck in the relationship department, joking about female behavior or putting women on pedestals of worship ironically. If ever something could be done properly or seriously, Vigor would be there to rebel and do the exact opposite in a silly way contrary to what social conventions dictate. Vigor is a strange character who usually stands in the metaphorical doorway of breaking immersion, having one foot in-character and the other out-of-character.

This makes this wiki entry a strange mix of both RP and non-RP in an attempt to create a coherent narrative. If he is serious or just plays silly is a matter of debate but if you meet him its generally a good idea not to take him seriously.

He identifies as an incel, someone who is involuntarily celibate with a distaste for womanhood in general as well as a furry, someone who likes humans with animal characteristics or vice versa.

Where the line is drawn on that scale for him is uncertain as he often makes dubious claims about it. His character can be mean and insulting but whenever he expresses his insults he does so with irony and a glint in his eyes. First meeting Nuts in early Vince in the background. He met Chipz during one of his public serenades before they started roleplaying. Eventually he accused Chipz of stealing all of the women in VRChat with his singing. Chipz attempted to pair him with Monika a couple of times but it never worked well.

Although often proclaiming in jest how much he hated Monika she and Vigor established some kind of weird RP relationship. It was probably just silly antics and eventually ended up in a really scuffed wedding attempt on Feb 22nd, Their characters never actually got married and the wedding was interrupted. Highlight: Vigor objects at his and Monikas wedding.

Having a massive 'e-peen' any conversation initiated with Vigor usually ends up becoming a discussion or argument related to his gaming skills in various PC games. If you're unlucky he might even challenge you. While most 'mutes' in VRChat have a tendency to eventually do a voice reveal and start talking, Vigor decided to do the exact opposite. After being warned for his sometimes offensive jokes in his roleplay he decided on Feb 10th that the only solution to avoid being banned was to become a mute.

He eventually created another account named 'Rogiv' on Feb 14th, to be under cover. While using this account he acted very unlike his own character seemingly calm, kind and not argumentative at all.

Nuts and Vigor's wedding in the chapel of Blue Man.

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They were officiated by GreatKhan. After a long hiatus he would return to VRChat at the end of Sept following the new patch allowing users to once again visit public worlds without being constantly harassed by 'crashers'. In October he's occasionally been seen visiting The Golden Gator together with Dyrus and participating in various social games such as 'Quirks' and charades.

He's also done some light- RP and various antics that involve yelling and commanding people to do as he says.Being a regular visitor at The Golden Gator owned by Roflgator she was eventually hired to work at his new bar The Royal Gator as a bartender in Jan Although having a troubled heritage as a demon she's known for showing kindness even to her adversaries and being forgiving in general. She was first seen visiting The Greater Gator during December ofswirling around her long signature purple hair with a pair of horns sticking out.

In January she started dating CDMan and whenever either was around the other was usually seen nearby. When meeting Meech she was initially hit on right in front of her boyfriend CDMan.

Although making a poor first impression on their next date Meech would nicely serenade them later, singing and playing his guitar on Jan 18th, Seated in a judge chair in the background while Crocolol fights Roflgator in the battle arena. On Feb 1st, she acted as one of three judges in a battle arena fight. Along with Meech and Bearly she judged in the battle between Crocolol and Roflgator.

After the fight Bearly revealed that Meech had attempted to rig the fight in favor of Roflgator and that he had threatened Kasumi if she didn't vote accordingly.

She didn't follow through with the threat but voted the way she wished anyway, holding the belief that she would be able to defend herself - should it become physical. In any case Roflgator was declared the winner. The battle ended up having political importance and the outcome severe repercussions. Involving Crocolols subsequent disappearance. She revealed her powers in public for the first time when she rescued Meech from near death after he jumped off a balcony on Feb 3rd.

He had been rejected by another woman and decided to end it. Although being threatened by him in the past she used her succubus powers to give him some of her blood - and turning him into a demon. She then managed to retrieve his soul, give it back to him and turning him human once more. Her relationship with CDMan ended on Feb 10th. Following their breakup she went on a date with Truu "the cat" but it didn't work out.

She explained that he gave signals of wanting to stay friends and not advancing their relationship further.

vrchat horror

Giving Klaatu a kiss after winning in a bachelor style game-show. On Feb 18th she participated in a bachelor-style dating-game show competing for Klaatus affection against other female contestants YukiDarlingRaziell and deaf 'Camille' Portrayed by Emery. During the first challenge she was interviewed. If she could choose one superpower she would choose teleportation because she likes to travel.

To the question if she would use her powers for good or bad she answered; both. Her favorite food is spicy food in general and if she won the lottery she would buy her mother a house.

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