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Try the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. See supported browsers. Give your photos the cyberpunk look with these Lightroom presets and LUTs! These presets are specifically made for night-time architecture photos and they're the perfect way to give your photos the retrofuturistism vibe.

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Don't be stuck with one look. These presets come in five variations from light to strong so that you can pick the perfect amount to add to your photo. These presets have been optimized for performance. By minimizing the amount of settings, they much faster and it's easier to edit. Best of all, any white balance and exposure fixes you made are preserved - the presets don't touch those crucial settings.

These presets can be modified and used in conjunction with LR Toolkit. LR Toolkit is the best workflow system for Lightroom and it makes it easy for you to customize the presets. You can adjust the fade, create HDR looks, boost colors, and a lot more.

More information can be found at www.

90s GLAM & GLOWY EFFECT LIGHTROOM PRESET - How to Edit 90s Glam & Glowy Tutorial - FREE DNG XMP

CUBE file then click Load. These presets specially designed for night-time architecture photos. Some presets are only suitable for portraits and skin tones at a lower opacity setting. LUTs can only emulate the color grading. They cannot reproduce the Clarity and Dehaze settings used in the Lightroom presets. Envato Elements. Upskill today. All items. Cover image.

Already an Envato member? Sign in here. Restart Lightroom. The presets will appear in the Presets panel located in the Develop module. Mac and Windows. Item tags cyberpunk. Commercial License Further Information. Night to Twilight Photoshop Actions. Sky Replacer Photoshop Actions. Interested in this item?Presets this and Presets that.

Some people hate them, others rave about them! So where do you start? Well, the beginning is best really. When Lightroom was only a beta program and for Mac onlyone of the big features was that you could make changes to an image in the Develop Module, and save those settings to apply them to another image directly! Lightroom organized by shoots then, not folders. Unlike Actions in Photoshop, the setting changes were immediate, and easy to undo. These were the first Presets. Presets are files that allow Lightroom to apply particular Develop settings to an image.

vaporwave lightroom preset

Lightroom ships with a range of Presets, which are stored in folders based on the type of Preset within. This organization suggests a great way to store Presets: organize by what the preset does. With the Preset and Navigator panels open, hover over one of the default Presets you may need to click on the folder triangle to open it. You should see the Navigator preview change to show what the preset would do to the image if you click and apply it.

Now if only you could make the preview bigger! A preview of the preset will appear in the Navigator window top of the left side panel. You can get a handle on Presets by making themexporting them, sharing them, and even importing Presets from other people. First you need to make changes to your image to be able to save a preset. You could start with a Tone Curve adjustment. Next, click about one third of the way from the bottom.

Finally, click the square point on the bottom right of the box, then drag it up while holding the Shift key. The blacks in your image will fade to give a nice retro, matte-finish look. You can see the difference by pressing the Y key to see a before and after view. This opens the New Develop Preset dialog box, where you save your settings. This is a good time to talk about what to include when you save your Presets. You can just save everything into the Preset which is the default.

But, there is a better way. The second option besides saving all settings is you exclude Exposure from your preset. This means any changes to the apparent brightness of the image you made remain intact.

The third option you have, is to save only the settings that are making the change to the images. For organization, you could also create create a new Folder for these Presets. To do that, click the Folder menu and choose New Folder at the top of the menu. Name the Folder Tone Curves. Finally, you can give the Preset a useable name.

You could use Fade Blacks, or Lighten Blacks, for this one. This Preset can now be applied to any other image.The best lightroom presets can transform your images into polished works of art while speeding up your editing workflow. Our professional lightroom presets are developed to help you dramatically impact your edits and produce premium high-quality results in seconds.

Inspired by film photographers. Dramatic and moody lightroom film presets with hints of gritty undertones. Inspired by minty tones of Fuji Pro H. Light and airy Lightroom film presets with soft pastel undertones. These premium black and white mood-altering film presets emulate favorite effects from film stocks. The hallmarks are the skin tone accuracy and studio lighting options.

Preset collection that address many photographer challenges while shooting at the most magical time of the day.

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Lightroom preset workflow showcases our foundational Lightroom techniques to achieve clean and polished tones. Download 10 free lightroom presets in a free sampler pack, including one each from most of the collections available. Lightroom presets can dramatically transform your images into polished works of art while saving you a lot of time and effort.

The best lightroom presets make comprehensive edits in Lightroom and deliver premium high-quality professional results with just one click. Our presets are custom-built to the highest quality standards and rigorously tested for a variety of photographic situations.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Each and every lightroom preset contained in our collections has made several rounds of cuts to make it into the final collection. Our quality and attention to detail, along with innovative lightroom workflows set our lightroom presets apart from the rest.

vaporwave lightroom preset

Lightroom Presets can be applied to a single image or an entire batch of photos with just a click of the mouse. Each preset can be saved, modified and exported. Using lightroom cc presets with Creative Cloud also allows you to sync to mobile and streamline your multi-device workflow. The Greater Than Gatsby lightroom presets are designed to be easy to use and versatile. We make it easier than ever to edit photos with our presets in an effective and efficient way, all while staying completely organized.

Whether you are new to photography or you are an experienced and busy professional photographer, our presets and brushes will elevate your results, wow your clients and save you a lot of time. We have developed custom lightroom presets for the most popular types of photography including portrait, wedding, newborn, child, family, film, and black and white. I work as a wedding photographer in south Germany. It gives my photos the extra kick and I safe a lot of time too!

Thanks for all the work you put in the presets! This is your best presets collection, tied with wedding! Make me look good! Where do I even begin to explain how much I love these presets? I own each LR collection that Greater Than Gatsby has produced and the quality of every collection is top-quality. If you love crisp, clean edits with pops of vibrant hues then Greater Than Gatsby is the company you have been searching for!

I was beaming with excitement when I saw the launch of the innocence collection for Lightroom! I had been strictly editing in Photoshop for a while using that collection and couldn't seem to achieve that high quality image that I loved in Lightroom alone!

I was skeptical that I could achieve comparable results!

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But omg!!! They out did them selves I am sooo excited!Envato Elements is the hottest new site for Lightroom presets.

vaporwave lightroom preset

For less than the cost of a typical preset pack, you can download thousands of Lightroom presets. This gigantic pack of presets give you beautiful dramatic film looks. A must-have for corporate and business photos. These clean Lightroom presets give your photos a timeless and modern look that is typically seen in business photos. These light and airy presets have something special that keeps neutral colors neutral while giving your photos a professional editorial look. The presets are compatible with Lightroom mobile and Lightroom desktop.

There are 5 categories in this bundle of presets and they range from vintage nostalgic presets to cinematic and clean. This bundle of presets from SparkleStock gives you popular duotone effects similar to the album covers on Spotify. These classic and chic presets elevate your photography with filmic tones and colors. This small pack of professional presets give your photos a modern and trendy look inspired by VSCO film effects.

Inspired by films like Kodak Aerochrome, these Lightroom presets manipulate your photos into infrared-like looks with red trees and grass. This pack of Lightroom presets are perfect for processing photos of the Milky Way and other starry skies.

The baseline preset is an excellent starting point and there are a variety of presets that alter the look, including one to reduce light pollution. Download these Lightroom presets to give your photos an editorial look similar to Vogue and GQ. This enormous pack of Lightroom presets give you a range of looks from analog film to color enhancements to black and white effects. It also includes an essentials toolkit to alter the presets with quick subtle changes. For a fresh authentic look, look no further than these athleisure Lightroom presets.

They are made for sportswear colors such as grays, neon greens, and reds. Perfect for sports and athletic wear photography. This pack of 40 Lightroom presets has a variety of looks from orange and teal to analog film looks. Iceland is the most beautiful place in the world for photography. These landscape Lightroom presets are perfect for your travel and landscape photos. There are presets for giving water a beautiful cyan-blue color, aurora-enhancing presets, sunrise enhancer, moody bleak landscape looks, and bright and vivid landscapes.

Take your night photos to the next stage with these night city Lightroom presets. This pack gives you 50 presets for Adobe Lightroom mobile and desktop. There are 10 styles with 5 versions each giving you a total of 50 Lightroom presets. The presets cover a range of looks from desaturated urban street photography to retro vaporwave looks.

This pack of presets from BeArt will give your wedding photography a premium feel with light and bright tones. The gorgous presets are designed to improve your editing workflow.

Streetwear photographers rejoice. This pack of Adobe Lightroom presets come with looks from cyberpunk to film, to something special for Supreme-brand clothing. The presets come with premade variations to match different lighting conditions i.

This bundle of moody and matte film Lightroom presets will take your photography to new levels. There are a mix of airy presets, influencer-style presets, Kodachrome film presets, Tungsten presets for night and twilight photosand cross-processed presets. The preset use camera profiles from theclassicpresets. The profiles are not included so the presets dont even work. Subscribe and get the latest Lightroom tutorials, tips, and more via email.

Skip to content Envato Elements is the hottest new site for Lightroom presets.Experiment with these presets to take your photos in new directions. The three Adobe Lightroom presets in this pack are inspired by some of my favorite places in the world.

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Use them to create dramatic but natural-looking landscapes, give images a soft film-inspired tone, or add a moody black and white look to photos. Make sure to check out the tips at the bottom of this page to learn how to apply and customize the presets to fit your shooting style. Lone Pine is a crisp preset that boosts blues and greens in landscape images, and adds contrast to scenes while preserving details in the shadows.

This is my go-to preset for a variety of landscapes, but can also be used for portraits with a few adjustments to oranges and red tones. Inspired by the soft tones of the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, this preset adds creamy highlights and warm shadows for a muted, film-inspired look.

vaporwave lightroom preset

I use this preset on a variety of images, including portraits, street photography, and interior scenes. It's a moody black and white preset, with a touch of grain and a lower white point. This preset works well on a wide range of photos, and you can easily customize it for a less faded look. In Lightroom, open the Edit tools and click the Presets button at the bottom of the workspace. Click the ellipses at the top of the Presets menu, and choose Import Presets… After installing, the presets will automatically be filed in the User Presets folder.

Hover over a preset to preview it, and click to apply it to your image. The presets will also sync to any mobile devices you have the Lightroom app installed on. Open a photo and swipe to find the Presets icon. One-click filters are fun, but I rarely apply a preset to a photo without making at least a couple adjustments.

Every photo and scene is different, and each photographer has their own individual shooting style. After applying an Explorer Pack preset, spend some time playing with the editing tools in Lightroom to adjust settings as needed and create your own look.

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Are there areas of your photo that are looking too dark? Increase the Shadows slider. Not partial to muted highlights?

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Open up the Tone Curve and bring up the white point. There are three settings that the Explorer Pack presets does not change, which will depend on your device, lens, shooting conditions, and personal style:. Exposure: How light or dark your image is.

Increase exposure to brighten a photo, or decrease it to darken it. White Balance: T he temperature and tint of the tones in your image. Increase the temperature for warmer photo, or decrease it for cooler tones. Kendall Plant is a designer and photographer living in Oakland, California. She works at Adobe as an associate creative director but can usually be found somewhere above 10, feet in the Eastern Sierras.This is a popular color combination which works well together and is perfect for landscape photos of beaches, sea, mountains, rivers and so on.

Super easy to apply with one click of the mouse and bring out these rich tones in your photographs. This preset has been carefully constructed by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert so they will look good with many different types of photo and camera brand.

It should be noted of course that not every preset will work with every photo so please experiment to find the perfect one for your shots. Each preset is also full editable so you can perfect the photo. Take a look at some before and after examples of this preset in action, use the slider from left to right to make a comparison. Want more Free Lightroom Presets?

Take a look below at what we are giving away. View Details.

Free Lightroom Preset Richness

Free Close. Previous Free Dreamy Lightroom Preset. Next Cinematic Collection Vol. Andrew Stevens May 17, at pm. Cevin Wattimena August 18, at am. JT August 18, at pm.

Piyush August 29, at pm. Samiz September 23, at am. Akash October 27, at am. Isa December 10, at pm. Franco Villa January 2, at am. Squik January 4, at am. Lets be Friends:.FThis is a free Lightroom Preset which has been created to give your images an old Vintage look as if it was shot on film and has aged. This preset will wash out the color in your photo and add some grain and other effects so it gives an authentic aged feel. This preset has been carefully constructed by a professional photographer and lightroom expert so they will look good with many different types of photo and camera brand.

It should be noted of course that not every preset will work with every photo so please experiment to find the perfect one for your shots.

Each preset is also full editable so you can perfect the photo. Take a look at a before and after example of this preset in action, use the slider from left to right to make a comparison. Want more Free Lightroom Presets? Take a look below at what we are giving away. Thanks a lot, this preset gives a very nice and authentic look to simulate the vintage photography. Your email address will not be published.

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