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The seller said it was running last year, but he had not started it this year. Is is worth it to take the motor to a repair shop, get it running, repaired, etc. It would be nice to eventually sandblast it and repaint it, get new decals if it is still sound mechanically. Or should I not bother because the noise, performance, fuel economy, unknown reliability are not worth compared to newer 2 strokes?

I don't have any experience with these older outboards so any comments would be appreciated. They are remarkably quiet and light I would mess with it myself or have a mechanically inclined buddy help me out.

If she has spark and compression, she'll run. These old engines have points so you will likely have to mess with that. I would tinker.

Used Johnson 3 HP Folding - 15" Shaft, Tiller - SOLD

If you can get it to run Hook a tank to it and give her hell. If no go, remove spark plugs and check for spark. If you have spark, then squirt some pre-mix in the plug holes and replace plugs and try again. She should fire. If not try ether.

If still no fire Water pumps etc are easy. Make sure it runs good and then like I said, have a pro tune it up. If you are going to be on a small lake or other body of water where you are not too concerned with percent reliability, then you could enjoy having a restored vintage engine on the transom. On the other hand, if you envision yourself using the boat offshore or in any rough water, you will probably be better served with a more reliable modern engine.

1967 johnson outboard

If the engine was just in running condition it should not be too hard to get it going again. Start with fresh gas and spark plugs.

I have a Evinrude 25 and had the same decision. I took mine to a reputable OMC dealer that I knew in the area and said look it over Jim is right on reliablity though I use mine mainly on small PA lakes.Please note: This sale is for the vintage paper advertisement shown and not the item in the advertisement.

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1967 johnson outboard

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1967 9.5 HP Johnson

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What I have found is that most of these little motors 10 hp and under usually have lived a hard life. The majority are used occasionally, but run hard by a non-motor oriented person, hauled in the back of a pickup truck bed, then thrown in a shed or barn corner until next time.

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As an old horse trading days saying goes, "Run hard and put away wet". So, from what I saw there, it appears there were a lot of the older OMC smaller motors still around and being sold.

1967 johnson outboard

Prior to that this, the same basic motor existed as a 5. And then after the 5. These early 6 hp motors are relatively simple to work on, in the fact that about anyone with a little bit of mechanical ability can work on them and keep them running.

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Those who shy away from the older points and condenser ignition system because they think they are obsolete and they don't run very good, should try one of these when it is set up right.

After I have finished rebuilding the one in this article, it only takes one pull or two to start it no matter whether it is hot or cold and it is seeing many hours trolling on my grandson's 16' Hewescraft boat.

Here I will mostly be dealing with a version Evinrude Fisherman. It seems that every used motor that I have ever bought from a private party has had something wrong with it. Many times I purchased it from a person who never even ran it and had gotten it from someone else.

The problem is most of these people were considered friends prior to the motor deal. No matter who or what the circumstances, I seem to have to do repairs, AND with some of them having gotten extensive.

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It appears that most fishermen do not know how to maintain their motors, or maybe even do not care, as long as it runs somewhat. But I refuse to travel to a fishing area with a motor of an unknown quality, taking the chance of a potential problem.

Any used motor I repair has to run in a tank for a few hours at all speeds before I am convinced of their water cooling condition and carburetor idle jet setting. I often times even start then up the night before a fishing trip if they have sat for a while, to be sure they will be running when I am ready.

I am getting too old to have to crank and crank on a cantankerous motor or have to resort to a paddle to get back to the launch or worse just to a shore.

Johnson 6hp 1967 Outboard Gear Case Part 3

I have even called a couple of fishing trips short by a day or so because of a motor that did not appear to be running right. I have also struck out a couple of times and had motor failures on the water. This motor being worked on here was ultimately given, along with a 10' Columbia fiberglass tri-hull boat to my 19 year old grandson.

For Jo hnson, the were designated CD models.

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Evinrude continued using a code. They were made in standard 15" shafts or the long 20" versions which was designated by a 3rd letter L in the model number. Evinrude used a different method of distinguishing the long shafts, by adding a different succeeding number as the fourth number of the model, as being a short shaft while the would have been the long shaft.

However finding a longshaft motor of this series is quite rare as in those days most of these small motors were used on small fishing boats and not as kicker motors for larger fishing boats. Since this does not have in the code L between the hp designation and the year, it is a short shaft version.This is part 3 of a series on my Johnson 6hp Outboard Gear Case part 1part 2.

The propeller was easy to slide off, after removing the cotter pin. The picture is a little dark here, but if you click into the larger image you can see the Drive Pin If you remove the shift lever pivot pin, and your shifter lever stays in place, then you should be able to just slide it back in without issue.

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But if you remove it, and that shifter lever moves, then you might have trouble getting the pin through both the hole in the outer housing and the two holes on the top of the shifter lever see image below. This is the main head and bearing and the reverse gear sliding off the propeller shaft:.

And this is a close up of the front bearing and gear and bushing and one of the thrust washers You can also see the cradle and clutch dog shifter to the right of the image:. This spaghetti string gearcase seal looked pretty compressed and worn out, but I never saw oil leaking from the housing itself. When I lifted the impeller housing plate it was really ugly looking underneath inside the impeller housing and retainer assembly !

This is what slowly clued me into realizing that there was an oil retainer there either CDA or CDCwhich seals around the drive shaft. It seems that oil retainer is probably the primary problem! However the driveshaft does wobble in this, either because of wear and tear, or because someone in the past installed the wrong part.

Hard to know. It is worth noting that the schematic diagrams for both CDA and CDC show the gearcase head oil retainer on the propeller shaft as part Normally people in the 20th century numbered things A-B-C, but sometimes people came up with other wacky ID formulas. The new oil retainer is roughly the diameter of a quarter.

If you click and open the larger image you can see the very cool little spring that synches the rubber seal inwards to seal around the driveshaft as it passes down through the impeller housing into the gear case. This new part slid over the driveshaft easily and feels quite snug — so far so good. Hi, thanks for all the info.

I have the same engine and the same job to do with the seals……… So is it my understanding you used propeller shaft seal according to Johnson CDA schematic instead of that was in your impeller housing.? Hope this helps in your journey. By the way my impeller housing looks like hell now, it is super fragile, so be careful. On my to do list is to figure out how to use Auto-CAD and one of those plastic resin 3D printers and see if I can make a new impeller housing haha.

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Johnson/Evinrude water pump kits, Impellers, cooling, gearcase seal kits

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You can also see the cradle and clutch dog shifter to the right of the image: FrontBearingGear-ClutchDog-IslanderSailboatInfo This spaghetti string gearcase seal looked pretty compressed and worn out, but I never saw oil leaking from the housing itself.Johnson, Evinrude, OMC, outboard motor, outboard motor repair, 9.

Someone after these came out coined the phrase "Turtle Motors" for these squatty motors. There are some similarities between this motor and the earlier motors from 6 to 10 hp but with the powerhead setting lower and a shroud around the mid-section.

The lower unit appears the same as the earlier QD, 10hp series motors, but with a outer shroud midsection. However it seems the engineers worked overtime in trying to find a place for needed parts to fit under this squatty cowling. These model numbers went from MQ in through MQ forthen in the model scheme changed. A was now a 9R69, a a 9R70 and so on through the 9R73 of The understanding is that it was also basically a souped up version of the older 7.

Some experienced mechanics say the crankshaft did not stand up under heavy usage as a 9. But then in the early years of these motors was before the TWC-3 outboard oil came into being, so the use of ordinary automotive oil could have also have been a contributing factor because of a lesser degree of lubrication than currently available. They had a dealer retro-fit using a special motor mount kit which improved things a lot. Aside from the low speed throttle stop being moved to the twist grip handle mount there really weren't significant changes to these motors.

Finding some key replacement parts may be a problem as some are now obsolete and getting awfully hard to find for the pre s. One of those is the front motor mount. Grab hold of the flywheel not running, of course! A small movement in the rubber mounting is normal, large movement is a broken mount all too common a issue on these old motors. At the motor mounts were improved.

Johnson used two different model codes prior to For both of these, the code L between the hp designation and the year, that would mean it is a long shaft version.

Evinrude in those years used a different 4 or 5 digit model code, as Evinrude XD50 is a performance-enhanced synthetic blend motor-oil formulated to meet the This gasket is used in most lower units and sea water pumps.

Sold as a A proprietary splined core allows the TFXtreme to deliver unrivaled smoothness Quart size application is perfect for most marine drives Attaches to quart gear lube bottle and then screws into your lower unit.

For use High Performance Synthetic Blend Gear Lube by Sierra Synthetic blended marine formulation reduces operating friction for increased performance and protection of gears, bearings and other gearcase components. Recommended for use in high performance Formulated for use in freshwater or saltwater conditions.

Reduces friction and protects gears, bearings and other gearcase Plastic plug used with Drain Screw CDI delivers superior product quality and reliability, making them a cost-effective alternative All Sierra engine components are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements.

This cable does NOT come with connection ends. This exclusive The Champion L77JC4 Spark Plug features a copper core electrode that provides increased conductivity and heat control for good overall wear. These marine spark Specifically formulated to meet or exceed the tough requirements of the Marine 4-Stroke motor Founded in by Norwegian immigrant Ole Johnson, the Evinrude Outboard firm, by the company, now run by their son, merged with the Johnson Motor Company to form the Outboard Marine Corporation.

Recreational boating was in its infancy and during WWII the firm manufactured motors for assorted military marine craft. When increased leisure time meant more family time spent on the water, Johnson outboards regained their market share and have remained popular to this day.

Does your Johnson outboard require routine upkeep or repair? Come to Wholesale Marine. We carry the Johnson outboard motor parts that your vessel needs to ensure its optimal performance for hours of worry-free recreation on the water.

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